Europetell is a Discount Club mainly for foreign students and
provides its members the best offers one can get in many fileds.

Being a member in our group, one may enjoy :

• Discounts in coffee shops
• Discounts in restaurants
• Discounts in partys
• Attractive price for calling

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The Dialer is a company providing a service for international calls only!

For more information contact us by email:

If you have a sim card from us, you can choose from several internet options provided by the operator company.

For more information contact us by email

Everyone can check his/her (closed month) bills at operator company website.

To view it you need to contact us for a code and follow the instructions in the file we will send you by email.

For more information contact us by email

If you want to join us, you do not have to sign a loyalty contract,
so you can quit the group anytime just you need keep some terms.

All you need to know about the procedure will be sent by email!

For more information contact us by email

1.         Contact by email: to make an appointment.

2.         All information will be sent by email to you.

3.         Reaching our office at Wesselenyi street 57.

            H-1077 Budapest, Wesselenyi u. 57. Ground floor 2.
            Mon-Thu: 9.00-16.00 and Fri: 9.00-14.00

1.         Contact by email:

2.         We will send you all details by email.

3.         Send us the copy of your passport, the copy of your student card and the member agreement signed by you by email.

4.         Pay at the bank the join fees.

5.         We will send you the sim card by post.

For more information please read these files:

Join us from distance.pdf

Bank payment.pdf

English member agreement.pdf

Contract 2013.pdf

Contract main points English.pdf

Contract main points German.pdf

Contract main points Greek.pdf

Contract main points Herbew.pdf

Contract main points Hungarian.pdf

Contract main points Norwegian.pdf

Contract main points Perzsa.pdf

Contract main points Spanish.pdf